Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vayigash - Living for Nachas

Parshat Vayigash is my favorite parsha in the Torah. I wait from year to year to read the emotional reunion of Yaakov and his son Yosef. Few things are as sad as the separation of parents and children. So, what could be happier than their reunion?
First we face the moment Yaakov is told that Yosef is still alive. Jacob's sons tell him, "'Joseph is still alive,' also that he is ruler over all the land of Egypt." But his heart rejected this news, until he was shown the wagons (agalot) to bring him to Egypt, and he realized their symbolism. The Eglah arufah was the last topic that Joseph and Jacob studied together before Yosef was sold.
And what happens right after that? HaRav Sholom Gold says, Jacob turned into Israel. He was revitalized, because he discovered that not only is Joseph alive, his son Joseph, who believed in the Torah and was G-d fearing, was still alive..."then the spirit of their father Jacob was revived...And Israel said."
The Yiddishe Nachas that Yaakov gained because of his children, rejuvenated him to the point that he could even have a vision of Hashem - something that hadn't happened since he left Charan.
I know that I live for the opportunity to be together with my children and grandchildren. And when we are together, I do feel younger, more alive and much happier. I know the same goes for my dearest Mother ad 120. 
If you are ever faced with a situation of "Should I" or "Shouldn't I", think of how the right decision will bring nachas to your parents and grandparents. That will actually give them a renewal of physical and spiritual strength. And isn't that worth a good thought.

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