Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pekudei - In Unity There is G-d

In Parshat Vayakhel the Jewish people rushed to give their valuables for the sake of building the Tabernacle. They were so enthusiastic, they had to be told to stop. Have you ever heard of any Jewish organization tell its supporters, "Please don't donate."?
The Jewish people gave super-generously, and the craftsmen worked on each item whole-heartedly.
In Parshat Pekudei we read again and again that everything was made exactly as G-d detailed. Each item was made with enthusiasm and love with materials given with enthusiasm and love. 
In response, the Torah Treasury states, "G-d showed the Jews an intense love that embraced every element of the Tabernacle, filling it with His Presence." The parsha says, "and the glory of Hashem filled the Tabernacle." (Shemot 38:35)
Hashem wants to fill our homes, our synagogues, our yeshivot and our hearts with His Presence. All He needs is a feeling of love toward Him, and our true desire to follow in His Path. All He hopes for is for the Jewish people to unify for a good positive reason. If they can do this one day, IY"H, they will find the great benefit that in unity, there is G-d.

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